Agile engineering™ A process that’s proven, an outcome that’s certain

Our world-class, fully integrated injection mould tooling service blends decades of knowledge with the latest global technology. Commercially aware and technically expert, we’ll partner you from design to delivery, giving you all the confidence and certainty your customers demand.



While every mould may be different, our commitment to using these extensive capabilities to deliver the best outcome for our customers, will always remain the same.

Injection Moulding

Promold sources high quality injection mouldings from partners in China and the UK, under the guidance of our design experts.


Our support to Tier One and Two suppliers goes beyond tool delivery, thanks to a comprehensive aftercare service.

Tool Financing

Promold can offer PSW payment terms to Tier One suppliers to bridge finance gaps and keep projects on track.

Tool Trialling

Essential to a robust sign-off, Promold offers expert offline tool trialling under simulated production conditions.

Mould Production

Nowhere is Promold’s commitment to quality more in evidence than in the production facilities that deliver our promises.

Prototype Tools

Accurate, cost-effective prototyping is a crucial step on the journey from concept to reality.

Concept Support

Supporting suppliers at DFM stage is our core expertise, eliminating the costly production delays that may otherwise lie ahead.

Project Management

Promold prides itself on an approach to project management that is as responsive as it is comprehensive.


An established strategic alliance with Cox Wokingham Plastics enables Promold to offers its customers the latest advances in thermoforming, 
as an alternative to injection moulding techniques.

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Case Studies

Hear first-hand how Promold consistently enhances the reputations and delivers on the promises of its customers.



CMP Products is a Cable Gland, Connector and Cleat specialist for the oil and gas industry. Due to the sector's hazardous nature, CMP is continually developing products to exceed current quality certifications. The business wanted to replace the tools for two of its current products. Previous iterations had design imperfections, resulting in decreased productivity and sub-optimal product quality and efficiency.



UK customer BGB was called on to provide tooling for a US-based subsidiary with little knowledge of the process or configuration. This was a bespoke requirement with a specially developed press and no possibility of trial prior to delivery.


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